Covid-19 Mask Update

April 6, 2022

Dear friends and members of the Elijah Kellogg Church,

We welcome everyone, we care for each other, and we are committed to our community. These values guide the decisions that have been delegated to the Deacons regarding how to manage levels of concern and safe worship during the pandemic.  We have looked to public health guidance and to good examples for how other churches are renewing their faith communities.

The requirement to wear masks indoors will be suspended at this time. For vaccinated and boosted people, face coverings are now optional. During services the church windows will be open for ventilation, and seating will be spaced as possible.

While the pandemic is not done, and there may be a need to change measures again in the future, for now we feel this is the best way to move forward as a congregation.

We thank everyone for showing such strength and patience these days, and for the grace shared across our community.

For the church,

Susan Ferris, Gail Johnson, Sharon Kirker, Dick Moseley, Wendy Van Damme, and Susan Whitman


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